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Forest Management Videos

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2022 Forest Landowner Conference

30+ Years Observations of Wildfire Behavior
in Managed Forest Settings - Dr. Peter Kolb

Montana Forest Action Plan
- Matt Arno

Rehabilitation After Wildfires: What's the Hurry?
- Dr Peter Kolb

Integrating the Work of Wildfire in Forest Landscape Management - Andrew Larson

Large Incident Management - John Thompson and Lewis and Clark County Sheriffs Department

Wildfire Impacts on Forest Insects and Diseases
- Amy Gannon

Assessing the effects of fire severity on elk nutrition and resource selection - Lauren Snobl

Private Land and Prescribed Fire - Julia Berkey

Historical Perspectives on Fire in Montana
Keynote Speaker Dr Mark Finney

Timber Harvesting for Private Landowners

The Stewardship Approach

This video released by the Montana DNRC, American Tree Farm, Montana Forest Stewardship Foundation, Montana Logging Association, Flathead Economic Policy Center, Stoltze Land & Lumber, and Skookum Timber. The video highlights some case studies of private landowners who found the financial and technical help they needed from their state to sustainably cut and restore their forests. Although the video focuses on Montana, similar types of resources are available in every state. Often that extra support is just enough to encourage a cut-timid landowner to make a good decision for the betterment of their forest and their community.

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