Are you looking for more information?  Have a problem you are having a hard time locating an answer?  Look through the following Publications, and also National resources or Montana resources which will surely be able to address your concerns.

Lives and Landscapes
Featuring practical articles full of easy-to-apply information, Lives and Landscapes is the magazine of Montana State University Extension. Stories will cover subjects such as improving nutrition, growing lawns and gardens, being good stewards of land, both small and large acreages, improving knowledge of family financial tools and more. Lives and Landscapes helps newcomers and longtime Montanans to live well and be stewards of treasured resources while enjoying the last best place.

Forest Stewards Journal
The purpose of the Forest Stewardship Foundation's Journal is to educate and inform landowners, natural resource professionals and the general public about the science and ecology of forest lands, the many values derived from forested lands and the principles of sustainable forest land development.

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Idaho Forest Owners Association Newsletter
The Idaho Forest Owners Association (IFOA) is working to find the answers to the many questions relating to private woodlands.  IFOA is an association of forest landowners unified in their efforts to promote private forestry in Idaho, and legislation that helps achieve the goals of the Association.
Through the quarterly IFOA Newsletter, IFOA can help you keep up with forest management techniques, forest property and estate taxes, and environmental and regulatory issues. Through interaction with other forest landowners, you can share problems, exchange ideas and work toward solutions.

Montana Family Forest News
This newsletter highlights numerous articles focused on information and resources that forest landowners can use to better their knowledge and potentially implement on their own land. The overall concept is to provide articles that capture one’s attention based on current issues and updates on various organizations on a state and national level. Our goal is to provide articles that will give important information and encourage landowners to develop new ideas towards their land.

Northwest Woodlands Magazine
Northwest Woodlands is a quarterly publication produced in cooperation with our affiliated groups in Washington, Idaho and Montana will keep you informed on regional issues. The magazine is dedicated to the management of family forest lands in the Northwest and has many articles by regional experts and forestry education specialists.

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