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Upcoming Events

2019 Forest Stewardship Workshops

Your forest is managed by you and driven by your objectives.
By identifying your primary goals and concerns, and objectively
formulating an action plan based on best available science and
biological surveys of your land, we will help you develop a Forest
Stewardship Plan that is nationally accredited and certifiable.

Where and When;
April 25-26 & May 3
                 Register by April 12

    Trout Creek    May 16-17 & 24
                 Register by May 3
    Corvallis    June 6-7 &14
                Register by May 24

    Kalispell     July 11-12 & 19
               Register by June 28

    Lewistown    August 8-9 & 16
              Register by July 26


            11th Annual Landowner Conference

                               May 1, 2020

                      Delta (Colonial) Marriot

                         2301 Colonial Drive

                          Helena, MT 59601