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Silent Auction Donation

for the

14th Annual Montana Forest Landowners Conference

The Forest Stewardship Foundation is a non-profit organization, 501 (c) 3.  Therefore, all donations, which are greatly appreciated, are considered tax deductible.  

Please consider donating an item. Donated items can be goods or services like a round of golf or dinner for two. They can be purchased or homemade. Hand tools and apparel for forestry work, theme baskets, craft items, and art work have been donated in the past. If you don’t have an item to donate, ask for a donation from a business you patronize. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

To donate an item, simply complete the form at the right, or download and print the PDF Silent Auction Donation form and mail it in.  If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please email Zoe Leake.  


Bring your item(s) to the registration table at the conference at 7:30 am, prior to the beginning of the conference so they can be logged in and set up.  A Volunteer will validate the information you provided, answer your questions and give you a form you may use for your tax deductions.
All proceeds go to the Forest Stewardship Foundation.

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Forest Landowner Conference
Forest Landowner Conference
Forest Landowner Conference
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