Selective Harvest Prescriptions and their Applications

Harvesting is based on the goals of the landowner who may or may not have worked with a forester.  The communication that occurs between the landowner and the harvester is often found in the form of a forest management plan with specific prescriptions for every stand or management unit. This workshop will focus on analyzing different forest stand structures, and then writing and implementing selective harvest prescriptions to successfully accomplish a landowner’s goals.   This will be a hands on workshop where you will be marking trees for different objectives and defending your choices!    You will work within different forest situations, define management units with different goals and prescriptions that will attain those goals.  All aspects of forest management will be considered including site prep, residual trees, wildlife, soils, water and the economics associated with leave trees.  A USFS Soils Scientist will discuss achieving a balance between soil disturbance and site prep.  A USFS Timber Manager will share examples of the outcome of different prescriptions utilized in a sale.  Not only do we want to increase everyone’s understanding of forest dynamics, we want to increase our ability to communicate possibilities and practical solutions with each other that include the landowner, forester and logger. 


Experience has shown us that the only way to achieve the goals of the landowner – private, state or federal, is if everyone involved is on board, so we are inviting all of the players!     Whether you are a Silviculturist, A sale Administrator, Marking Crew or Logging Contractor this is the workshop for you.  You will interact with a great set of instructors who are also interested in your practical experiences and capabilities.    

Lubrecht Experimental Forest
Greenough MT

April 25th & April 26th


Begin at 8:30 am and end at 5:00 pm each day.

PRICE INCLUDES: Breakfast and Lunch on Wednesday and Thursday.  Dinner on Wednesday will be made available, based on interest.  Payment for dinner will be requested at the beginning of class on Wednesday.


Rooms are available at Lubrecht: (Rooms are not included in the price of the workshop )


To reserve your room contact Devi at 406-243-6603


$50 plus tax

 Sleeps 3 (1 bunkbed, 1 twin)

Use bathhouse that has showers, sinks etc.


Single room $55 plus tax

Double Rooms: $80 plus tax

Triple rooms: $105 plus tax

Bathroom down the hall

Larger Cabin:

$70 plus tax

Sleep 4 (4 twin), couch, fridge

$125 plus tax, Sleeps 3-4

Separate bedroom and pullout couch

Fully stocked kitchen and bathroom


$60 plus tax

Sleeps 6 (2 bunkbeds, 2 twins)

Use bathhouse that has showers, sinks etc.

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