A Business Day in the life of a Contractor

This day will benefit established contractors, crew leaders and anyone wanting to learn more about the business.


8:00am-10:00am:    BUSINESS INSURANCE

The topics that we all know are out there, but always seem to have more questions than answers.  Whether you are a logger or a trucker, an established business, looking at getting into the business, or just want to know, topics including what insurance products loggers/log haulers need and what they coverages actually include--Including Commercial GL, Loggers Broad Form, Commercial Auto, Equipment, Umbrella and Work Comp. The goal of the workshop is to remind and enlighten folks on the needs/options/requirements that are out there for our Logging and Trucking Contractors.  This is a great opportunity to learn about a very elusive topic!

Instructor:  Bryan Graham, Forest Products Manager, Associated Insurance Services, LLC

10:30am-noon: COMMUNICATION

Everyone communicates—but do we do it well?  Your business cannot succeed without good communications.  Communication affects your business in many ways--bids, crews, sale administrators, and landowners--to name a few.  Communication is a tool used every day, and the more effective we are, the more efficient we are!  When you can effectively communicate with those around you, it will positively impact your bottom line!

We will cover items of communication that range from phones to working with your landowner, and written communication in the form of grants.  We will also include a discussion on women in the workshop. This is a course that would be appropriate for anyone owning or working in our business—Logging and Trucking alike. 

Instructor: Lorrie Woods, MLA


1:00pm-2:30pm BIDDING

Bidding on USFS/ DNRC sales as well as how that applies to private land harvest will be covered. A discussion of Appraisals, which drive your bids, will start the session.  Bid sheets will be reviewed and an explanation of the process for both agencies will be presented.  Common issues that have been seen in the past will be highlighted. This workshop is to help you know what to look for in a bid package.  If you have bid on a sale, or plan to bid on a sale, this will be a time to ask questions of the instructors and become familiar with the process.  

Instructors:  DNRC –TBA,   USFS-TBA,   Scott Kuehn – Pyramid Mountain Lumber

3:00pm-5:00pm ROADS AND BRIDGES

Most road/bridge work is included into larger contracts/bids. The bids are based on appraisals-so how does the appraisal look? Condition of the trees?  The devil is in the details! This workshop will help raise awareness of physical, contractual and economic issues you need to consider in your bids. 

Instructor:  Scott Kuehn, Pyramid Mountain Lumber

When and Where...
March 29th,  Bozeman, Montana
Comfort Inn
1370 N. 7th Ave
Bozeman, Montana
(Register by 3/23)

April 10th – Kalispell, Montana Logging Association
2224 MT Hwy 35
Kalispell, Montana
(Register by 4/4)

Time 8am-5pm

ALP/PLH Credits:  8

Cost: $30 per person


Minimum Class size is 10
Class will be cancelled if minimum is not met.

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